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We operate primarily on Facebook. Please join us over at

or click our Logo above.

We post use it to find opponents, discuss strategies, and talk about news and updates to the game. Join us on the page to start battling other trainers in the community.

Link to Play

Link to Play

The way we battle is through Pokemon Showdown.

It is a completely free to play application that you can either play through a browser, download as a computer program, or even as an android app.

It allows us to create a true to the real game team with adjustable movesets, items, IVs, and EVs in minutes, and compete at the highest level in Pokemon without spending hours to get there.


Click here or go to: to start playing

Pokemon Leagues

Pokemon Leagues

We hold a few Leagues to compete in for aspiring trainers.

Click the button below to view all the ways to compete and the rules and regulations surrounding them.

Below is a short description of the types of Leagues we hold and can compete in. To become a part of it please follow the instructions on the sheet, or let us know on the Facebook Page.

The Pokemon League is a Seasonal Challenge in which you must defeat each of our volunteer Gym Leaders to make it to the championships. The winner of the finals will be crowned the Pokemon League Champion for that season and will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame.

The Elite 4 Challenge is a league in which you must defeat all four Elite 4 members in order, then defeat the currrent Pokemon Champion for each format. If you succeed in completeing that challenge, you advance to the finals in which the winner will be deemed the new Pokemon Champion for that Format.

The Ladder Challenge is a competition in which trainers compete to see who is the best in each format. You can challenge the trainer above you at any time to raise your rank and work your way to the top. The top 4 trainers at the end of each season will become the new Elite 4 for that Format in the next season.

Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

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