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SETX FGC Summit Academy

天辺 アカデミー

March 9th - March 12th

Bolivar Peninsula, TX

Apply to SETX FGC Summit Academy Today!

Registration for Summit Academy is $150

Registration Fee will cover the cost of your dorms, all meals on your meal plan, application fees, service fees, stream fees, hype fees, and whatever other bs fees you find when you go to an academy. Beds will be given on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to apply early!

The Academy:
The theme for SETX FGC Summit is an anime academy. After receiving your acceptance to the academy you'll get to experience everything Summit Academy has to offer. Each student will receive a school schedule filled with all of their classes, which include tournament matches and training sessions and are mandatory for every student. Each student will also be placed on an assigned color team and dormitory and receive a school 'uniform' they must wear throughout the entirety of their stay at Summit Academy. Many other school activities will take place, but you will have to get accepted to see what those may be.

The Summit:
The point of the summit is for all of our players to get better at their games and strengthen the community both as competitors and family. Throughout your stay, you will be competing in the games you sign up for in the form of weekend-long tournaments, as well as being part of 1 on 1 training sessions. For players who excel at their games, their job will be to pass on skills to the newer players, while they work their hardest to improve over their stay at the academy. This will be the best time for students to learn new games, so I would highly suggest signing up for things you wanna learn or get better at. In addition to this there will be plenty of fun and off the wall extracurricular activities to participate in, and a ton of time to just hang out and make friends.

What Is Provided And What To Bring:
At the academy, you will be provided a dorm to stay in and all major meals. We will need the community to step up and provide as many sleeping mattresses and setups as possible to make this event work. So if you own an air mattress/sleeping bag or any CRTs/lagless monitors, consoles and games, immediately message Tyler (yo.) so he can plan out the event as best as possible.

In addition to what is listed above each student will be required to bring the following:

Your own controller, Clothing, Pillows, Toiletries, Extra blankets if you wish, Snacks, Data for your phone (no wifi provided), BYOB

Tyler (yo.) is the Dean/Director/President/Sama/Leader of Best Korea of Summit Academy and will have final say on all rules during your stay.


Punishments will typically come in one of two forms, Disqualifications and Expulsions.


Disqualifications will come as a result of breaking typical tournament rules including breaking typical rulesets, being tardy, etc. These will result in a loss being counted during the relevant tournament bracket.




Expulsions will result in you being required to immediately leave the academy and being banned from attending the following year. These are not a joke, and will not be treated as such. If required we will get law enforcement to forcefully remove you. Actions that will result in expulsion include:

  • Drama - If you cannot settle an issue with another student and everyone gets sick of it, you will be expelled. We are stuck with each other for 72 hours and will not tolerate it

  • Breaking into the girl's dorm at any time without explicit permission from the Sama or ALL the girls who live in the dorm

  • Making noise after quiet hours, if someone complains, you're out

  • Sex with anyone or yourself

  • No Drugs, let me spell this out for you, this EXPLICITLY includes marijuana

  • No Drinking unless you are 21+

  • Being so drunk that you have to be babysat and ruin everyone's time

  • Having poor hygiene - That means shower, brush your teeth, if someone complains, it's already too late, pack your bags.

  • Using the golf cart

  • Not attending or being habitually late to class.

  • Anything else the Sama feels is expulsion worthy.




As issues will inevitably arise during the course of the academy we are putting in place a resolution tool. If a minor issue arises, who's waifu is better, I deserve a bed, this character is X tier, etc, both parties can come to the Sama with the wager, and if the Sama agrees, a SETX SET will be played. Both players offer something if they lose, and will be obligated to honor their word, otherwise, they will be expelled. Wagers can include things such as admitting someones waifu is better, winning the rights to sleep on a bed, verbally admitting a character is x tier, etc. The wager is to be honored throughout the entire course of the academy. Both players must come up with a mutual game to settle the issue with, if they cannot do such amongst themselves, the Sama will come up with a competition that is even for both students.

Main Game Lineup

Side Events



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