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Current Runs

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Runner: Blu Pajamaz
Game: Superhot VR

Console: PC

Category: Hardcore Mode
Time: 8:01

Runner: Blu Pajamaz
Game: Little Nightmares

Console: PC

Category: Any%
Time: 43:03

Runner: Blu Pajamaz
Game: Lone Echo

Console: PC

Category: Any%
Time: 1:59:08

Runner: Tyler (yo.)
Game: Pokemon Yellow Version

Console: Emulator

Category: Any %
Time: 0:01

Runner: Phaiyte
Game: Castlevania 3 (U.S.)

Console: NES

Category: Grant Route
Time: 31:53

Runner: Phaiyte
Game: The Lion King

Console: SNES

Category: No Damage
Time: 20:44

Runner: Dylawn
Game: Oreimo Solitaire

Console: iPhone

Category: Any %