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Blizzard Swag and Gunnar Raffle!

Thanks to the awesome people at TeSPA we are now proud to have a line of products available to people who attend to grab while its hot. First off we have 2 pairs of Gunnars to raffle off. First pair is available to anyone who has registered for one of the three main tournaments, we will also sell additional tickets for $5 for anyone who would like to increase their chances. The second is to be raffled for anyone who registers for our chapter of TeSPA. Benefits for that include discounts at a lot of online retailers, Hearthstone Cardbacks, Blizzard in game portraits and more. So stop by the booth and grab your chance at these awsome products.

The rest will be for sale for general public, it is all high quality from blizzard materials.

All proceeds from all listed will benefit SETX eSports directly.

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