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Announcing Melee & Sm4sh Side Tournaments!

Thanks to some super dedicated people in the scene ( SETX | Speghetti , SETX| Nobody's Hero, SETX | Untanked, & SETX | Leoman), we are proud to announce that we will have a Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U side tournaments.

Melee will begin at 10:30

Sm4sh will begin at 3:00

As of now there is no pre-registraion for these side tournaments, all registration will be held on site. To be a part of these, there will be a $5 entry fee for each game, and you will have to pay admission to the event in one of two ways:

1.) Have already paid the $5.00 donation fee to enter one of the three main games or

2.) Pay the $2 spectator fee at the door.

Good Luck. Have Fun. Get Hype. Stay Salty. - SETX | Tyler (yo.)

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