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Big Money Brawlz is our weekly tournament hosted every Friday at Lamar University, Chemistry Room 100 in Beaumont, Texas. We have a rotating schedule of tons of Fighting Games, though casual setups of all games are allowed and encouraged. We wish players of all skills to show up and have a good time learning how to play games at a competitive level.

Big Money Battle Royale is our paid monthly tournament on the last Sunday of every month at BnB Arcade. We host every game on our roster and pulls in our fiercest competition. The venue is incredible as it hosts an arcade with tons of fighting game cabinets and has a full convenience store with fried chicken restaurant attached.

Big Money Battle For Broke is our yearly major tournament for the area. We partner with the Humane Society of Southeast Texas to raise money for the homeless animales who need help the most. Being the largest gaming tournament in the area, we draw the best competitiors from the region to compete for a good cause

Road to Dabes is our end of Season Grand Finals. During each of our Big Money Brawlz we keep track of everyone's placing in our tournaments. At the end of each season we take the Top 8 placing fighters from each game and place them in a single-elimination 

seeded bracket to determine who is actually Dabes.



We keep Statistics on every tournament that we run in the area. Click the button for your game below to view Rankings, Matchups, Money Matches, and our Local Rules.