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We operate primarily on Facebook. Please join us over at

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We post use it to find opponents, discuss strategies, and talk about news and updates to the game. Join us on the page to start dueling with the community.

Round Robin

Round Robin

Every Season we hold a Round Robin to determine who is Dabes within our community.

Season 2 will Begin on August 22nd 2016 and finish on December 31st 2016. To enter please join the Facebook group and post on the pinned post.

The Winner will recieve an Official Hearthstone Throw Pillow.



  • For all matches, each player will use Hearthstone card decks that he/she has created (using cards he/she has collected) on the Americas region servers on


  • Each player’s decks may only include cards that are in the current Standard format Hearthstone card sets; cards that are available in the Wild format set but not in the Standard format set may not be used.

  • Matches will utilize a best of five, “Conquest with 1 Ban,” format with four classes per player each match.

    • Each player will submit four unique classes and at the outset of the match, both players will ban one class (i.e., identify a class that his/her opponent will not be permitted to play that game). Both players will know their opponents’ four chosen classes before banning.

    • Both players will communicate their bans to each other at the same time “blind” (i.e., without knowing which class the other player banned).

    • In each game, both players will pick their own classes “blind” (i.e., without knowing the other player’s chosen class).

    • When a player wins a game, the winning player cannot use the class that was used for that game for the remainder of the match. The player that loses a game can keep the same class or switch to a different class at his/her choice, with such a switch being a “blind” as to his/her opponent’s chosen class.

    • The first player to win three games wins the match.

  • Please report your matches on the Facebook page and we will update the Challonge Bracket.



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