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Big Money Battle Royale

Last Sunday of Every Month

BnB Arcade
3529 N. Major Drive Beaumont, TX 77713


Welcome to SETX FGC Paid Monthly Tournament.

Venue fee is $5 per player.
Entry fee is $5 per game.
Payout will be 60/30/10.

Venue Rules:
• No outside food or drink allowed - there is a convenience store with a fried chicken restaurant connected and owned by the venue.
• Be respectful of other guests - there will be other birthday parties and such going on.

Tournament Format:
If a tournament has less than 8 players we will run a true Round Robin Format.
If there are between 8 and 16 players we will hold 2 Round Robin Pools with 2 players making it out of each pool into a Final Bracket.
If we have between 16 and 24 players we will hold 4 Round Robin Pools with 2 players making it out of each pool into a Final Bracket.
If there are more than 24 players we will have a Double-Elimination Bracket. 
The bracket will be seeded by Official Rankings and 
non-SETX players will be seeded by hand accordingly. 


Battle Royale Rules:
The BATTLE ROYALE will be a point based event consisting of a Double-Elimination Bracket for each game at the event. You must be present the entire duration of the day and play each and every game. It is a real test to see who is the best general FGC player.

Ranking Rules:
This monthly will not attribute you any Road to Dabes points, but every game will be counted towards your Official Rankings.

PLEASE arrive early if possible, if a game ends early, we will immediately begin playing games from the next game to get ahead on time. We will end registrations 10 minutes before the start of a game.

PLEASE bring as many setups as possible. The more setups we have, the better everything will run.

Casual space will be very limited, and we will have to play it by ear the day of.

Game Lineup

BR Photos

If you are interested in attending more Fighting Game Events, please check out our Facebook Page:

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